Yamaha TZ250 Update

MACHINE: Yamaha TZ250 2007
OBJECTIVE: Update Look and Ergonomics

Fully Factory kitted MotoGP race bike, with sharply updated Grand Prix looks, adapted rider ergonomics. Engine refreshed and future-proofed.

Yamaha TZ250 5KE on track
Yamaha TZ250 5KE on track
Yamaha TZ250 5KE4
Yamaha TZ250 5KE4
Yamaha TZ250 5KE engine and foot rests
Yamaha TZ250 5KE engine and foot rests

Yamaha TZ250 Update Specification

Cylinders re-plated to accept VHM billet pistons for future-proof of supply and performance gain over standard components

Modifications to Fernando Mendes fairings, for a unique silhouette, focussing on the front nose and air intakes

Addition and fitment of Honda RS250 seat, latest 'Pedrosa' style

Extension and raising of rear subframe, to allow a fully tucked rider position

Extension to rearset, CAD design and CNC'd.

Re-design and lengthening of bearing-mounted gear lever to match rearsets, CAD design and CNC'd.

Screen replaced and raised

Repaint and refresh of wheels and swing-arm

Bodywork graphics update, design and apply

Decoke and repaint of SJK Kit exhaust

Full crankshaft rebuild, perfectly balanced and true

Suspension and bushes reconditioned

In-house custom-made carbon fibre heel-plates and chain-guard

In-house custom-made carbon fibre dashboard to accommodate lap timer, HRC detonation counter

In-house custom manufactured shift-light and cylinder-specific detonation lights

In-house custom manufactured quick-access, quick-use, single cylinder choke for easy rapid cold start

Italian custom-made aluminium radiator and coolant pipes

Carbon intake reed valves added

Replacement of rotary power valves with billet parts

What It Took To Update The Yamaha TZ250

This particular 5KE4 Yamaha TZ250 machine has been treated to the full 2006 SJK Engine Power Up Kit, developed for the near-mythical eponymous Japanese engineering workshops. Highlights of this kit include: N810 cylinders, N800 pistons, N800 exhausts, kit loom with selector switch, plus original HRC detonation counter and data logger. The existing, and still original, crankcase was reworked at the Yamaha Race Factory, for the MotoGP wildcard race. Our bike was a front-runner in the all-Japan GP250 class, wild-carding at MotoGP. We are honoured that this bike has been accepted into the official global Yamaha Racing Heritage Club (YRHC).

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